How long will it take to get my order? 

It's coming, promise! Your patience is much appreciated.   It's a two man (well a man & a super foxy intelligent woman) band and we both have other full time gigs BUT we do want to see y'all rocking Prestige because we know how good it feels!  Right now we only post out on Saturday mornings because that's when we can make it to the post office.   The work don't stop. 


We use recorded delivery postage.  We only post out once per week on Saturday mornings.  When your order is dispatched your tracking will be updated.   Given that we only post weekly at the moment it's wise to place your order in advance of when you require it.  Good things are worth waiting for.


Will my order be tracked? 
Yes!   All packages are tracked so we know where they are, where they've been and where they are going! 



How can I pay? 
This website accepts Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Paypal, ApplePay and your soul. We can't accept any other forms of payment and your soul must be squeaky clean for bargaining, sorry!

We don't do Klarna because some people are addicted to shopping and whilst there are much worse addictions to have we don't want to be the cause of you being skint even if you would look totally wham!   

Seriously though, Prestige Lifestyle processes all orders in Great British Pound. So if you are located outside of the UK, you will checkout using GBP at the most current exchange rate. If you want to know the exact amount you will be charged please check with your bank before making a purchase as currency conversion rates and fees vary.

How much will my customs fees be? 
Good question! Since it varies for every country it’s best if you get in touch with your local customs office to find out BEFORE you purchase, just so there’s no nasty surprises and so you don’t think it’s us, it’s totally the government.


How do I make an order? 
Just go to prestigebytom.com (hint: you’re already here) and click on a product you like and is available in your size and add to cart. Then just follow the easy checkout process and soon you’ll own some Prestige Clothing (welcome to the club bitcheeessss). 

I’m getting an error when I’m trying to place my order, help!? 
First and foremost... remember to breathe. Cos if you don't, you'll faint and then it'll take even longer to get your Prestige order, and that's no good. Secondly, check you've filled all the details out properly including your name, address and payment info. Still not working? It might be the computer system. Be patient and remember, computers are people too. Email us at hello@prestigebytom.com (with screenshots if possible!) and when we're home from the gym we'll see if we can track down the problem. 


How do I make changes to my order? 
Ok so here’s the deal, you have to get it right first time so please double double check all your details, sizes and address.  If its an absolute EMERGENCY we might be able to fix it (stock permitting) but basically just be smart, eat your carbs for optimal brain function, read what we need and in the words of Ru Paul - 'don't fuck it up'.  We're a small company so if you do need to post something back to us due to a mistake on your end it is at your own cost at the moment. 

Where is my order? 

Hasn’t it turned up yet? What a pain. If you haven’t received a shipping confirmation email from us yet then just drop an email to hello@prestigebytom.com and we’ll investigate.  If you have received a shipping notification just consult your tracking number for the latest update on where your package of goodies are.  REMEMBER we only post on Saturdays!  So if you've ordered on a Monday you'll be waiting until the end of the week for dispatch. 

Can I fast track my order?
Unfortunately we can't fast track an order for you unless you know us personally and want to come round to our gaff and pick it up.   As amazing as we both are (Tom & Mags) we are only human and this is a side hustle. If you have a big disco coming up, we definitely recommend ordering with plenty of time for processing and shipping!  Be swift just like Taylor. 

What about Delivery and Returns?
No worries! Read all about our delivery and returns processes and policies on our 'shipping & returns' page


What does Pre Order mean? 
Some of our products are Pre Order (PO) so that you can purchase them in advance.  It means we are assessing demand and haven't yet ordered the goodies from the suppliers.  For a Pre Order item you will generally need to wait 3/4 weeks but we promise it will be worth the wait!

It says ‘Sold out – Limited Edition’ will you restock? 
No, sorry :( Sometimes we like to make products limited so that the people that do get them get to feel really really really special. But if a product just says “SOLD OUT” then it means just like Arnie 'it will be back' 

Do you sell gift vouchers? 
Not at the moment but we will do in the future - we all know big things start small unless were talking about elephants they're pretty much medium sized since birth. 



Where are your products made? 
We manufacture Worldwide. Why? Because we can and we can simply grab a flight and take a holiday to see whats happening. We're all about catching flights! 

Prestige Lifestyle has a commitment to ethical production and these standards apply to all Prestige Lifestyle production whether here on home soil or through our supply partners in Europe, China and beyond. Our manufacturing partners are selected not only for their expertise, innovation and technology, but also their shared commitment and participation in initiatives and business conducts that ensure sustainable and ethical manufacturing so please if you want to work with us please don't contact us - we will do our research and contact you!

Where are your fabrics from? 
We source our fabrics from all around the world! Because there are just some countries that really know their stuff when it comes to fabric!